Ce este Lumina si ce inseamna ea pentru noi oamenii - part 2

Orice are ca punct central sau ca argument scrierile și scripturile creștine
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Ce este Lumina si ce inseamna ea pentru noi oamenii - part 2

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Part 2 – The spirit, the soul and mental approach

I talked about a “social arrangement” in a society, about the way people live and think in the City of Gold. Mostly about the material and the mental.

But I gave few hints about the soul and about the divine in our soul.

It’s a big statement to talk about the divine. Simply because I’m not God, but we can “feel” the divine in things. Also, we have things that Jesus told us and mostly what he lived for us to understand. What he lived was an example of a human as a being of Light on Earth. An immortal human. We all can do that. That’s the whole purpose of the church. To help people heal and become beings of light. Ok? And how do we accomplish this. Through fast, love and understanding of a couple of principles.
Let me tell you from the start a couple of things. It’s a power in your soul to face darkness in others and bring them back to the Light. This is something that everyone that wants to live in the Light must do: to overcome darkness with Light. But to do this, you need to have an idea of what you are doing.

Remember devils are fallen angels and God has a plan for them as well for humans. From what you read so far you understand that humans have no idea about Light, life and many other aspects. Many live in the darkness of the nature. That’s why Jesus said “Forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.” People act completely irresponsible, and without someone to guide them they fall in the depts of the “beast” or in the depts of the drugs. You can actually “bait” easily a guy that already is “weak”. That’s what demons do to people. They know a couple of things and “bait” them, especially around the drug addiction, the need to be happy of the human being. So, someone come and bait you with some money to betray other souls. Ok? Easy to bait the unprepared, but that proves that you still lurk in the darkness of the nature (the monkey ancestor and trust me nobody likes to live with the animal because it abuses people).

But what I wanted to tell you is the divine in things is to NEVER GIVE UP the Light. NEVER! Jesus never give up. They did beat them. And wasn’t only the humans there. He never give them up to the guy who calls himself the Death. Ok? If someone beats you to death will you give others up, betray them to the demon? Ok? So when life is hart will you betray others? Or you fight for them!?? The Death guy actually is a loony who has his own crusade, but he doesn’t heal people, he kills to stop evil, to stop the “darkness”. That’s mentally ill, but now you know how things are. So Jesus step up and confronted a totally insane guy. A crusader. Understand? Who had a “holly” war, but he wasn’t holly. And Jesus did it through forgiveness, through understanding, through love and through fast. Through fast! We need to have the will to transform our lives.

If you kill someone because he is evil, then you are as evil as him. You can contain a bad guy, but you never kill him. In the end love will find a way to heal his soul to the Light. That’s what the cross means. Is a symbol of an amazing love and also an amazing believe! God believes in our souls and in us that we can live like him in the Light eternally!

To perpetuate a mistake is insanity. Understand? Like a drug addict. He is lost. He lost control. He is in hell. Through fast we prepare our mind to become a better being, to transform into something “more”. Right now people live in sin, that is perpetuating the same mistakes. That’s why the world is crazy. But, I see it with different eyes. I see it as a ground where we can learn, and transform. A ground where we can win the battle with darkness. That’s why we live here, I believe… to heal our wounds, our souls.
Understand that we don’t really drink and eat the blood of Jesus, but we “eat” from his spirit and his mentality? That’s why he is the cup! He is the “meal” for the people who want eternal life, and eternal Eden. He is called the “WORD”. He talks to us, about God the Father. The eternal LIFE and the eternal LIGHT. Words have the power to shape things, especially souls. If you have poison in your mouth you can kill the mind and the soul of the people. But what if you can show them they are amazing, and you help them heal their souls and teach them how to fly.

That’s what the Light did. He fought for us, including for “them”. Understand Light fights for life, no matter how hard it is. You need to take care eventually of each other. And some people are real life demons. Real life torturers, real life tyrants, real life murderers, real life addicts, real life abusers. You need to find enough kindness, and love and patience and perseverance and willpower to help them, and I say help them to win their fight with the darkness inside them.
We don’t fight with them, but help them win the fight with the darkness. That’s how God and angels turn others around. Well… most of the cases. If you can change all this hate from our world in love wouldn’t you? Think that in the end God did promised us the final place to rest, but also told us that we need to fight for it. That place my friend is others love, but to get there you need to love them first.

Remember those words, we love because God loved us first? That’s what the angels from the society of angels told us. God loved them FIRST! Why don’t you take His example? And have this world as “they” got their world a wonderful Eden?
I never talked about the society of angels. And in few passages in the Bible are remarks to that. But I can mention something that God said “Come and taste and see that sweet is the Lord”. Understand? Have you ever felt sweet people before? The way they talk to you, the way they treat you, the way they life. Understand. If you didn’t meet someone like that, believe me they exist. Try to travel a bit through the world, and you’ll find amazing, wonderful people, with a lot of “sweetness” in their soul. The way they treat you will make you feel them as “sweet”.

This trait is divine. Remember. At the end I’ll write about these divine traits. So, people will remember them. Try to live with them, try to develop your soul around them. That’s how angels are. Why don’t you won’t become a wonderful being that can make other people enjoy his/her company and life. Remember love is to give, before you receive. Learn to be a wonderful company first. A sweet person! By how you talk, by how you act, by how you think, by how you live etc.
See this example? If you already understand what I’m talking about you understand that people have no idea about the Light. They just have no idea…

Mostly of the abuses in our society are due to the fact that people don’t care that much about each other, they don’t have patience with each other, they are clumsy and because they are used to this and accept it as “life”. I hear people saying that “life is hard”. No is not true. We make it hard.

We don’t have the patience or the kindness to “touch” the soul of others. To love them, to live with them. Some mental diseases and some ill habits in our society are due to the lack of love from others. We are emotional being who need love, respect, appreciation and understanding.

If we don’t take care of these things … we have ill children, later we have adults with problems, and so on. A good parent will have good kids. What happen with bad parents. The children will be abused. And they don’t learn these virtues, these principles, but most important they never get the right love, the right way, they never live with someone that can make them feel these things. If they don’t feel these things how would someone expect that they will live them at a later stage. People learn from others. If you learn from someone that has darkness… you will have darkness as well.

If you learn to take care of others, with great kindness and respect, your kids will do the same. And they will treasure this way of life. Understand? We lost these ways, but not totally. We need to revive them.

And when you live among people of great and amazing soul, it will be the only thing that you will ever need. No abuses, only friends. Good life! Sin means an abuse to your person or to others. When you do evil to others it’s harder and harder for that person to love you. So in the end love fades and we become “stones” or frozen. We have no love… and that because of sin/evil. Let’s stop doing abusing and we will see that we will have trust and a lot of friends among our society.
I believe we need models of people that have these “divine” traits. And help others learn from them. Remember Light passed from Father to Son, and from Son to us. But when you have good stuff pass it to others like is their salvation. AND IT IS!
I think at some point we need to accept this. I believe that we will be immortal here on Earth. But if we continue with evil… then will be hell eternal. People will find refuge in drugs more and more, as the only escape from the abusing and the “cold” of the society. And the sad part when you need so much love from others, but you refuse to give, it makes me sad.
That’s hell. But I want to talk about heaven. Where people don’t find refuge, but find strength in friends and family. They find strength and happiness to continue. They find a place where they can spread their wings and fly. And their spirit fly on wings of love and freedom. This is what freedom really is.

I really need to talk with you about this because I’m trying to make you feel this. We need to feel His way. It’s not only logical, it’s a way of a hart. Understand? That’s why people mess things up. It’s emotion in motion. You love others, you live with them. Have you ever tried to let love in your life as your only guide?

Do this at least 1 time in your life. For 1 month. Let love be your guide. Love people around you and do what you hart tells you to do. You will see that you’ll help a homeless person, you’ll fight for human rights, you’ll try to help others become beings of Light, etc. And guess what? YOU ARE SAVED!

And that’s because you let love your guide. Angels are depicted as beings of flame. The only flame that is in Bible, is only one. Can you guess it? Is the flame of love! Ok?

How would this world look like if we follow the “path of the soul”. I mean to encourage a person and to mend a human being until he becomes “complete”. I use the term complete, but it is very complex. There are so many traits that someone can learn. Think only about the values and virtues. But the principle is this to take care with kindness the life around us.
This virtue to give a chance over and over and to encourage others to succeed when they fall is something amazing. You can’t find this divine trait in rules or laws, but it exists in our souls. In a noble soul.
Each of us is a gem inside a shell. But we need to transform. That’s the divine work. To make this gem shine until it pierces the shell. Our world it might look like a wall sometimes but it is not. It’s a place that enjoys God, and His gifts. Each of us is a hero without his acknowledgement a savior for his world.

Look a simple question. Let’s say God gives you the keys to Heavens, what would you do? How would you make it become a better place? This problem must be explained to children from early ages, because they forge a world as they live. We are our own world creators!

If we think Jesus is our savior he actually saves us from us and what we have become and what we have created. How sad is that? He doesn’t save us from an external “Enemy”. The enemy is inside us. The enemy is you and me. Understand? How hard is to save a world from itself? How hard is to save a drug addict through patience and encouragement and non-stop prayer? Including developing other medicine and other strategies like psychology and psychiatry.

Remember what Jesus said when he talked how we “take out demons” from people? You don’t really chase them away, but you bring back the Light inside them. Understand? Through fast and prayer.
You become a better person. Hopefully, the other guy will make the same steps. How can you change a person if not through spirit and soul, how can you save him from what he is or what he had became. This is my way actually to heal the world from darkness. Remember only those who fight win.
I’d be glad to hear from you and tell me what you think about what I said. And how would you change this world in Eden. Each of us have a purpose in life. How many have a purpose to actually make Heaven a place on Earth. What would we need to actually make it happen?

First is to believe. Without this you cannot do anything. And this is the most used poison in our world. You hear someone immediately telling you “NO! You cannot!” It’s fake. If you want to can make it possible. Nothing is impossible. People didn’t understand this divine principle “nothing is impossible”. If you want you find a way. Jesus would stay on cross if he wouldn’t believe it possible that the entire world can join with the Heaven. And it’s not only believing, it’s hard work and dedication, to develop all kind of medicine and beautiful things.

The hardest part is to make the people understand what’s going on. What’s with the Light and such.
What we believe define us like beings! What we learn define us like people and complete our life. Everyone forges its own destiny. That’s why we need to learn to become the masters of our own being. If you aren’t in control on yourself, how can you win in this world? Control and other aspects means will. And that’s a divine trait. To have will. An unmatched will to make stuff happen. But when people don’t fast they don’t have discipline, they don’t have even the elementary ways to control themselves. How can they survive hell? They end up losing their freedom.

That’s why they said Jesus brought back the freedom to the Earth, he saved all the souls from hell. God doesn’t kill no one, the Holly One doesn’t sin. But people will be hit with hell and by hell if they don’t fast. That’s the sad part, and in hell is always pain. So an eternity of pain it doesn’t sound that good.

Jesus was a man of a very compelling power. That’s a divine trait. You need if you aspire to become a New-Man, to talk to others and convince them of your ideas, to stand up to the Truth, especially when you know you are right. But do so in a way that the other person won’t hate you in this process. The way to talk to others is a trait. To have diplomacy, to enlighten others, to have wisdom, to know the story telling these are divine traits.

The most important divine trait for us the humans is that we get the chance. Ok? We got the chance. God has a noble soul and helped us to succeed in this Universe. We usually don’t give others the chance to redeem from darkness and most importantly to actually help them “rise”. Did you ever helped a bad person to become a great man? If you do that… you are great as well.
I’ll tell you a great secret. Every time you heal someone you actually heal yourself and the world. Only great people and noble people rise others from darkness and dark ages. I believe you have all these traits “dormant”, you only need to awake your soul. This actually the reviving of the “dead” from the Bible. Ok? Rise and fight here in this life through the way you life and act with others. Ok? Your soul is alive if you go out and break the rules of this world and go with the power from your soul.

Remember you got the power! The most usual poison in this world and most powerful is when someone is telling you “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” He disbelieves you, he stop believing in you. Remember the guy healed his buddy because he believed God can heal him. HE BELIEVED! The power ALWAYS was in his soul, brother. Never from other. ALWAYS WAS HIS POWER! God only awaked his soul. Understand? But that won’t teach you in the Bible. That’s secret. Ok, maybe I’ve overreacted a bit, God indeed healed that man, but the power was his power, ok? God healed that man with that mans power if you understand what I wanted to tell you. Ok? That roman soldier had a lot of believing power. He indeed believed in God!

So, when satan attacked Eva and Adam, told them God is weak. Told them to doubt God. Told them to become “something”. He tried to destroy their genuine beliefs and what they already were. They were beings of Light! They were perfect as they were? Why they needed more?? Understand? Was crazy bait. They didn’t appreciated what they were and what they were living already. They didn’t appreciated what they had! I mean maybe I go to far, but I try to make a point. If you live in the Light you don’t really need much, and you don’t know darkness. You don’t have envy, you don’t lust, you don’t crave stuff, you love, you live with others with pure hart. You are honest in what you do. You make good decisions.

So practically even our ancestors were Adam and Eve, they are our spiritual parents, mostly. They were beings of Light. We need to awake that. What’s the best in our nature. The amazing and wonderful human soul and what makes humanity shine! And I think you know what I mean.

If you are trapped into “modern life” your mind is distracted and you don’t have time to fight with the “shadows” of this world. Your mind and soul are sleeping. So, I hope of what I wrote so far will help you rise up!
Another aspect. I try to help you “transform”, to feel some “vibes”. That’s what I call them. You can know someone through music. It appeals to us, to our emotions. I try to make you understand the vibrations of someone soul through music. Here are some songs that I’ve searched specially for this. Don’t mind them for the words. But try to HEAR what those people are singing. How the songs goes by.

A few examples, don’t mind the words, but try to get the vibe. Remember thoughts are energy! They convey what is not real into reality. If you have energy to animate others why wouldn’t you. Remember the rock and roll times? Search about how people dreamed there. Or the hippies vibes. The first wave until they lost to drugs and other crazy stuff. But the wave was there. The freedom and the love. But crazy people ruined it, because freedom is not about drugs. But they got their freedom! At least for a while! That was freedom!

Love calls vibe: Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love
Energy vibe/Freedom: The pointer sisters - I'm so excited
Love sweet: The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk ; Cristina Rus - Inima Mea Bate
Sweet man/Kindness: Bob Sinclar - Love Generation and mostly how Bob Sinclar sings is “sweet man”. Listen how he sings to you. Don’t you feel the kindness from his words?
Optimism: Lover Girl Teena Marie
Strength: Two steps from hell - Sons of war, but remember God is about peace. Like I said try to listen to the MUSIC, not the words. The strength in that song, let it touch you and keep it alive in your soul. Feel that determination to make stuff happen. Can you have such strength? To fight until you succeed?
YES I CAN vibe: Two Steps From Hell - To Glory, also try to remember that fame and glory are hallucinations. Don’t fall for that. But take the vibe and use it to accomplish things in life, with courage and determination.

Remember thoughts are energy. If you believe and you act then you materialize what you want. To have the power of the will is a divine trait. To make things happen. Most people who accomplish anything of greatness in our world, they had the will and courage to fight until was done. Any dream can come true if you want it to become true! Just fight for it and you will win. You will see! That’s true power that is inside you. You got the gift from God to be creator. People create and design their world as they live. The bad and the crazy alter this with their own will. Don’t let them fool you or subdue you.

Try to break from this society of crazy control and live in the Light. BREAK YOUR CHAINS. Any amazing dream and though of good and love can become true. If you want it you can do anything! That’s your power from birth. Don’t let others poison what you already have.

Remember you got gifts from God when he created you. You are ALIKE in the spirit and soul! That’s the POWER OF GOD IN YOU! You need to awake it. Great people that accomplish great things have awaken parts of the divine in them. And they got the power to make anything come true.

God is creator, he design stuff, he invents stuff. You need to grow these traits in you. Use you mind. Become great. Try to learn and express yourself. Be beautiful a TRUE being of Light!
Also one of the most important divine traits is dedication and perseverance. If you don’t believe it God changes our world as it is, imperfect and a bit crazy in Paradise. He changes people into beings of Light! That’s how Paradise happens. Beautiful people, amazing people.

Another trait is to work. Work to make things happen. God worked 6 days and 1 day off. Ok? He took a break. You should too… try to have breaks, but work! Try to fill your time with things of essence. If you are active person you can make anything come true. Things aren’t happening by their own, you still need to make them happen, but if you want and you fight they will happen.
Another trait is to be balanced in what you are doing. Don’t fall in extremes. Extremes hurt. Try to be constant and balanced in what you are doing. That’s a divine trait.

Another trait is to know your limits and work with other people. If you understand that all people are amazing when they are awake you can do amazing teams. Try to be a great teamer. Try to help others and be a part of a team. The be a team is DIVINE. God is Father-Son team! The spirit is what binds them together. The SOUL and SPIRIT is Alive. That’s the Holly Spirit! Ok? That’s what I’m trying to give you, and that’s the Light. It’s GIVEN! And then the team has grown with angels and humans. Understand to be a great team player is divine. We see people breaking up from all kind of issues. That’s because they haven’t learned to play as a team, to understand each other, to overcome difficulties, problems, hassles and yet stay together as ONE! That’s an amazing thing about God! Is a family working together. How wonderful is a family that works together to develop a world into Paradise. And we, the humans, can become a part of this amazing family. Think of this! Many care that much about family anymore, but is the core of our world! Is the core of God. The family.

Like I said these are only a few examples. But you can find more of your own to keep the soul alive.
Optimism, love, noble soul, kindness, energy, courage, generosity these are divine traits. Remember what Jesus said “try to mass treasures in the Sky”. “Try to have treasures in the eternal”. These traits are eternal. Try to master them. I think you got the idea of what “treasure” really means. These traits are the treasures. They are eternal. And if you master them you are an amazing person who can change a world with his soul and spirit.

Use anything amazing that can touch your soul, spirit and mind! Using music, dancing and other things that can make a difference in your life. You can relearn and feel the “freedom” by dancing. Experience it! Even in Bible, at some point, God asked a king of the jews, David to show him something new, a dance. And David was creative and danced in front of God! God likes creative and people without inhibitions. People who can express themselves. Break the chains of this world. Live in spirit and in soul.
A true being of the Light, doesn’t live as this body, but lives in the spirit. This is divine trait. You need to master this during this live time. We all need to learn this. That’s why Jesus at some point they can take anything from you, but they can’t take your soul if you don’t let them. That’s why you can live with courage and fight even if sometimes you need to face a bully or a crazy society. They can hurt your body but cannot hurt your soul.

Music can store “spirit”. There are songs that remind us things and gives us emotions. If we “harvest” these emotions, we have the “spirit” from that music in us. When you live years and years with a spirit, it will become a part of you. These “spirits” can have parts of divine. Try to live with them years until they become your nature.
Another divine trait is to be free. Yes, to be free and teach others freedom. When you are subdued to others, to society, to church, to crazy people and to your own nature, you will NEVER be free. You need to feel this and think this very well. Try to understand Jesus. He lived as a man for you to understand how he lived, what he felt, what he did, etc. So, you can do it as well, to learn from Him, from His soul and His spirit. You can too, be a being of Light, here on Earth!

I can list more and more and more divine traits. People don’t know God. They got no idea about Him. God is fun, is creative, is kind, is strong, is loving, is just, is flexible, has strong principles, yet is humble, is easy to talk with, listens to others, is great team player, is noble, is generous, is making gifts, is paying attention to details, is preparing for things ahead, is responsible, is wise, is smart, is courageous, is perseverant, is very good with words and likes diplomacy, understands others and their problems, likes to help others overcome obstacles, is balanced, likes inventing stuff, likes the spirit of people, loves others and ensure their best and welfare, He is the Word (what He says is always true and good and he has no poison in what he says to others, my advice to you try to do the same – there is too much evil from what we are saying to others and we need to stop, and by the way if you didn’t know words carry energy, that can change our environment proven by science) and the list goes on forever.
Jesus preached in this way: God does this, try to learn and do this as well. Like God forgives, forgive as well. God loves, you shall do like that as well. Paradise by the way is to life in the love of others and if you don’t love them and take care of them you will never life in Paradise. You will never get in the Sky! Understand? That’s the Paradise. Churches have no idea how to get to Paradise, they got no Light. But now you do! Love others, transform yourself. That’s the true fast, by the way.
You can try to master a few of His traits and grow some that you already have. Remember He is the best example for all. You can learn from Him and become a great example for the people in your community. People learn from each other. Why not learn from the very best?

Then our nature is not of the “beast”, but of the Divine. The New Man is Paradise. Try to understand that you become a being of the Light, a Paradise for others! That’s is all about. Paradise is always for others! THE OTHERS LIVE IN YOUR SOUL AND YOUR LOVE. That’s why saint Peter said, when you Love, you live in God and God lives in you. Of course, if you love God and others, lives in you. And few and few people love God from all their hearts. Now maybe they understand why God is so amazing. He helps a lot of people, but we need to stand up and join Him. We join and help God, yes, we help as well, by helping others, by livings as beings of Light, here on Earth and fulfill His legacy, to make this world a Paradise!
I hope you understand that things happen in this life time! Try to become a being of the Light. If you don’t fight, then darkness wins in our world, and that is sad perspective. That’s why all these wars, these diseases, these cruelties, abuses and so on still happens today as we speak. That’s because people don’t fight. They hope, they believe, they go to the church, they listen to the preacher, but they don’t fight.

Their soul sleeps. They are “dead”, as the Bible said. They need to be awakened! Remember what I told you is the food for the soul. That’s Jesus. Is food for the soul and for the spirit! Many churches lost this connection with God. They don’t have the “food” any more. They only have the rituals. They got some words. But they never had the Light! They never got the spirit.
They NEVER understand the love and the spirit of God in people! That’s what God gives you when you go to church to be baptized, but people throw that away immediately without having no clue of what they are doing! God gives you a part of His soul and spirit. So you will live with Him and He will live with you! Look at these wonderful gifts? By the way with these gifts you can build an entire world on your own brother. You can rise mountains and change them as you want if you want to. People don’t understand what they received.

But you do! Awaken your soul and the divine gifts that you inherited. Don’t throw them away and don’t let others fool you, that you are just a small being. No! You are small until you need to rise! You are the WOLD! A strong leader can change and animate all the planet if he has the power to do so. That’s the power of the soul!

Believe you have it and you shall! Hey, one more! to be a strong leader is a divine trait. A strong leader is not like a “boss” but fights in the front lines and is the force behind it. Becoming a strong leader is an amazing trait. Learn how! You need to know your people, you need to understand them, you need to empower them, you need to play team, you need to take good decisions, you need to listen and point to the right way all the time (this spirit of “orientation” is a divine trait – to know what’s going on and plan for the best solution out there). Like I said a leader is not the boss. Remember! You can have a small tasks in your team, like a normal worker. It’s not a shame is a virtue. To be humble and work with the rest of your team on whatever it needs to be done! You aren’t the lazy bastard, you energize the whole crew! You are the guy who gets things done and mostly by personal example. You don’t throw people at the problems like a pharaoh, you fight with them. That’s a true leader! I can talk a lot about how to be a great leader. Try to learn on your own.

God let’s you sometimes to make mistakes so you can learn from them. Sometimes you need to let others to make mistakes so they can learn from them. But also remember to be there for them when they need your help to get them out from a bad situation.
Try to reconnect your soul and your spirit with God. If you don’t use your gifts, they are dead and wasted. If you don’t fight in this life for the future, your children and the world will never get to Paradise. Fight! Spread this spirit. Enrich your world, enrich your family, enrich your community, get more things done, meet more people, empower more people, awake more people! Become a being of Light and help others become wonderful people as they deserve. Love is a wonderful person.
That’s how we inherit the Paradise, by living in the Light all our lives. Wouldn’t that be amazing? To accomplish so much, and enjoy love and company of others. To live with beings of Light is a blessing! Because all are wonderful people! Spread this and help this world win the battle with the darkness.

Humanity has great potential. God has given us his soul and spirit! That’s what God creates here. A New Man. That’s the purpose of the True church. A being of Light!

Now you know. Don’t lay dormant. We change this world by living! In the end, it all depends on how you live and how you choose to die… I tell you this because I know when you go up against this “wall” to make a change for the Light, you will face bullies and tyrants as well. They won’t be kind with you. But if you are courageous enough and you can keep your cool (keeping your cool in hard situations is a divine trait) and show kindness (especially when they are evil to you) you can turn them to the Light. Real life experience is harder than what I’m telling you here. Jesus got beaten pretty hard if you recall what happened and He didn’t gave up.

And I’m telling you this because I know and I believe in you and your soul.

To believe in others and especially in humanity is God’s greatest trait. He believed in us! Turn on that TV and see the alpha male fighting with others and abusing them. Understand? He believed that that guy, that Pontius Pilate guy at some point will wake up and will become a noble soul. He will understand that he can be a great being of Light with an amazing spirit, soul and mind. And that person, that crazy human will inherit the eternal Paradise and live forever with God and with the rest of the humanity!
Also, one final thought, because people invented their own gods, even in the church of Jesus. I need to add about God: God is only Light! He will never do bad things, because he is eternal Paradise. Also, if you want a logical argument is this… God doesn’t make sins. To do evil is to have a sin. Understand now how good and strong God is to carry everything? A being that is eternal Paradise He is only good. With eternal kindness and love and patience, He overcomes darkness. Is one of the divine traits to be in control when you are suffering to help others become beings of the Light. That’s the power of the cross my friends. That’s the example of Jesus. Your mind over nature and an amazing love for humanity, so every man will get his “wings”.

Try to awake other people soul and mind. Touch their hearts and souls and help them become more as people. Then your world will be Paradise. I tell you this because have their own invented God. They don’t know God, who He is, what He is doing, what’s going on and so forth. I think now you do. That’s how Jesus defeated Death. Understand? Remember that? He was abused, killed with cruelty, but he had such an amazing and tender soul that be never became Death for others. We humans when we are abused we become Death. He was Life for others even if they hit him soo hard. Try to learn from Him. That’s our God. Learn from His love, from His patience, His servitude for the people he cared, His devotion. Love hurts, brothers and sisters, but is eternal life. It does hurts, because you need to carry others when they are bad so they will be good. And also help them “rise”. Try when you are hit by this world or by hell, to remember to have mercy for others. You soul will never become a demon, but an angel at the end of your life. That’s what I want from you, to understand the Light. Overcome darkness with love and kindness even if it hurts. You win against tyranny with freedom, courage, and kindness and wisdom. You are a noble person and you help others rise as well. Remember the true sons of God as recorded in the Bible are the sons of peace and love. And as you can see great strength lies in them, to face hell and turn it into Paradise!

I wish you to be loved and love others and see the Light in them as the only thing that is out there. And it will be there! Amen!

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Re: Ce este Lumina si ce inseamna ea pentru noi oamenii - part 2

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s-a scris in engleza,eu raspund in Romana,lumina a fost pe pamant si nu ati vrut s-o cunoasteti si este si acum si nu o recunoasteti si este domnul slavei Isus Hristos,eu doar spun un simplu muncitor in lumina sa a domnului nostru Isus Hristos

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