Ce este Lumina si ce inseamna ea pentru noi oamenii - part 1

Orice are ca punct central sau ca argument scrierile și scripturile creștine
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Ce este Lumina si ce inseamna ea pentru noi oamenii - part 1

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Imi cer scuze ca textul este in engleza dar am scris ca sa-l trimit peste tot in lume. L-am trimis si la voi pentru ca oamenii si cu Biblia in fata nu au habar de Lumina. Si cu biserici timp de 2000 de ani si tot habar n-au de Lumina. Si cu evanghelia in fata si n-au Lumina. Cu Biblia in fata, oamenii au erezii.

Vedeti oameni care sa ia in casa un copil abandonat? Cam cati? De ce se intampla asa ceva? De atatea abuzuri. Si ce pot face cei "buni" sa schimbe lucrurile.

De ce? In primul rand pentru ca avem un dusman invizibil pe care inca nu l-am detectat (nu este vorba de un demon anume ci chiar de Bestie, iar lumea e cam acaparata de ea in momentul actual. D-asta si excesul de pornografie si nebunie si isterie. Molimi si alte nenorociri.) Cititi si o sa vedeti la ce ma refer.

Am conceput scrisoarea pentru oameni cu care sa creez o comunitate in Romania, de la 0. Efectiv oamenii intra intr-o alta lume, care traieste in Lumina continuu chiar aici pe pamant.


The City Of Gold

Part 1 - The material and the mental approach

I read somewhere that “people won’t be able to find a system that can lead them to happiness and peace”. But this “way” already exists.

It all comes with understanding and a bit of learning from past mistakes. Almost all government and social systems where tested from ancient times by many civilizations. Did you know that the first “communist” country was the Maya civilization? They all worked and the resources were equally distributed among the people of the city… and many other systems. What failed in the past is “repeated” to some extent in our days as well. I think that humanity needs to learn from this, stop then redesign what is.
What we fail to do is to learn from the past mistakes. Humanity can learn to value people as the greatest asset and develop a system that is flexible and is controlled by the people. Today it seems that the system controls people, both mentally and material. I mean why did you move a factory to India? Because, there people work for $200/month instead $3000/month like in USA. This is modern slavery.

I want to take you to a city where people work and have access to different types of factories or workshops where they can produce the goods. Then on a valid work card any member of this community can enter a storehouse and get the food, drinks, clothes etc. that he needs. The money or the barter doesn’t exist or exist to a small extent. The whole city is based on the principle of partnership between people – the whole humanity works as a team to live better and happier. In my opinion this is civilization… You don’t seek the “profits” but the comfort, the life style. You can have as many workshops and factories as you want/need and have all the goods “free the grab” for the people. Let’s think a bit about a salary… everyone in a healthy society works... but the access is limited. This way you do your job, but the outcome is higher. The salary actually exist in our mind is a convention. As well as the rest of the economic systems and other things of our reality. How many times we saw people betray others for profits? That’s because people haven’t learned yet how to react to profits and life with others. We need to learn this way so that with our existence we live and enjoy life, but others as well. It’s easy we need to learn how. The principle is to live and offer value through what you do. If I sell a bag of potatoes, will I overprice it so I get a quick reward or I offer it with “good heart” (this means to a value that I think is good for me and the guy how buys it). The fact that we “hurry” in things is one of the falls in our behavior. Because we want things faster. We need to master our desire. If we do that, we can understand that I can have all the riches of the world, including a wonderful life with the community that I’m living with. It’s like a road, I need the “material” to make my dreams come true, but I don’t get to Rome in 2 days and abuse every person in my way, I get to Rome in 5 days and I also have a lot of happy people around me and many friends.

We need to stop with this society of abuse to make dreams come true or this society of survival. We need to learn to overcome our animal nature. People won’t be free, truly free if they are slaves of the nature. They will be free from all “evil” if they understand and develop an enlighten mind.

Ok, let’s take things step by step. Let’s start with first thing that is material existence. We need to survive, so let’s make this world a wonder place to be in.

In this city that I’m talking about, all people work and as the community becomes stronger and richer the individuals become richer as well. This is the easiest and best way to get the comfort that you need without the hassle of money/borrowing and without the “masked slavery” that many corporations are using today. You work and you get the comfort that you need to enjoy life!
Imagine in that city that people can work together and come up with best ideas and implement them in their civilization. For example, if they develop a technology in biology like a new type of plant that is good in medicine they can “trade”/exchange it with other people for other technologies.

This means that everything is up to date, best phones, best cars, best shoes, best clothes, at the best quality. You don’t run on money system as we do. So, you don’t need to think in terms like profit. The COMFORT is the profit. The HEALTH is the profit! The LIFE is the profit. The FREEDOM is the profit. The EDEN is the profit! If you build roads is like you build you own back yard, and I think you would invest and make a very good work if you have the money and the ways to do it! In some countries people don’t do that… is just another way to make a lousy job so that they all get paid!
We either keep useless jobs or we encourage people to consume irrationally so that we maintain this crazy financial system. Why we don’t redesign this? We educate people to invent stuff, we work to complete different projects that sustain our health and wealth and enjoy it. We don’t work for the money, we work to enjoy life. We don’t run for profits, but for prosperity and the better good. I mean nobody in this world will run for the profit, if they would have a better alternative. Everybody wants to live better and have a nice comfort for their efforts… This is the real need.

In our current system a city like this can export some of their goods for money to buy something else. But the potential that this community has is immense because they can build their “own country”. It works to some extent like a closed-system they can produce almost all their resources/technologies and all members have access to it. But, if such a city is started, a whole country can be developed after this model. I’m trying to see this city evolve in our society within our “borders”. You don’t need to be auto-self-sufficient. You can develop a couple of technologies and “trade” with other communities.

You can have community planes, cars, etc. all purchases or developed. Why you need to own a plane when all community can have a couple of them for different tasks and all can have access to them. It’s possible. I mean don’t get me wrong if your job needs that you have a jet at your disposal is no-problem. But when the job is over, other people can use your jet for other tasks. This is called “flow” or “flux”…. it’s like water, every resource or energy, you use it or “keep” it as long as you need it, after that you “let it go”. I believe this is a peak in a civilization so that people understand that they take, but they also give back.
It’s called consumption. Humanity needs to learn how to consume stuff. In this city based on your work card you can get everything from the store. Literally. Why would you get all the shoes, food, drink etc. and not use as much as you need? Like if you don’t eat 5 donuts, why take them all? If you can eat only 3? You can let 2 of them in the store for others to eat!

In our society we are encouraged to consume stuff, to buy stuff etc. and most of it we don’t need it. We need to do this and there is a whole system around it so that people get jobs and money to live. But this way we destroy the planet fast, and we become careless to the resources that we use. Why don’t we learn to use resources better?

The new consumption is replaced with use and share – the flow and growth of resources. Let’s say I have a wardrobe full of clothes and I only use half of them. The rest I can take them to a store where other people bring their unused clothes. Practically the recycling of resources is almost full, but also the usage and comfort. There won’t be poverty in this world. Because there are many ways that people can access resources and services.

We can design a system where both individuals and the community can win. We live together and only if we try to understand the human being and the human soul we can succeed.

I think people need to have liberty, they need love, respect and dignity. They need to feel and also they need to have access to many things that this world offers. I mean this isn’t your world as well?

So practically I imagined this city that people live in… based on many concepts that I studied. I think the best way to do it is through democracy and collaborate usage of resources. You don’t own a factory, but you can participate in a project like a factory that builds vehicles. The city is like a family and every citizen can volunteer to work on a project. Practically all jobs are allocated like this. You don’t do it for the profits, not even for the comfort, you do it for the “family” (people need a lot of education, because if they have other reasons in their mind the chances that they will become corrupt will increase drastically. And we go back to the guy that takes all 5 donuts and toss the other people aside, even if he doesn’t need all 5 of them. Actually we learn to become responsible for our good wellbeing and also for the wellbeing of our community, this way the humans win and the “predator” lose. Some people say that humanity won’t get past our primal instincts and logic, but I think the opposite. I think people can learn to be good and help their own kind even if they have to sacrifice. Let’s not forget that the ability to sacrifice yourself for others is held as one of the highest virtues out-there.)

At some point we will expand all over the planet and until we can expand in the Universe we will need to use what we got, a limited pile of resources – this is our planet, big but limited. Why fight over it and not discover how to grow and develop it? I mean even if it’s limited(our Planet) we can produce enough goods and have an amazing flow of goods that can probably satisfy hundreds of billions of people.

As a side note: The number of irresponsible people is way higher than of responsible and in control. We need to reverse this. I can give you a simple case of my country, Romania, but this is all over the world from car accidents to the cruelest abuse of a nation. We have a research institute for vaccines and antibiotics, but it was provoked into bankruptcy. Now, if a virus or disease attacks our country, we will not be able to defend in time. No material support and no qualified people. In a normal country people work with passion, and probably they invest in thousands of research centers, factories, laboratories and other projects. Responsible people work together to ensure their future in this Universe! I hope you don’t buy that crap from “insane” people with market economy and imperialistic influence. That won’t work out and it keeps the planet in dark ages. This politics are specific for primitive cultures and an enlighten country has other means to prosper. This country builds its own systems so it will survive for any problems either human or nature. I said “human” but if you read until the end you will discover that the real humans don’t cause problems. The monkey-human cause problems and I’m sorry to call him this way. Alpha instincts to dominate others cause problems and many individuals don’t really know what’s the problem. The so-called ego and other stuff are emotional issues mixed with our monkey ancestors. If we don’t control that we are lost. Humanity has spirit, mentality and rules over the nature or its nature. Remember this!

Is in our human soul, the key to this world. When you put the passion to live with others you can discover that you can live in heaven here on Earth.

Is a big statement that “this city has no evil”. Do you know how hard is to create the Heaven, here on Earth? Many people think is just a dream, but there are communities that live like this. The problem is that they never get the chance to show the world that is possible. It’s like “best practices” from a corporation. They do the things the best they can and enjoy the results.
Actually, if we think about it all these systems try to develop utopia on Earth, almost all systems of government try to make “utopia” real. They all claim to serve the good of the nation – the greater good. Some fail from the start because they only represent a limited number of people, like tyranny or monarchy or aristocracy.
But these aren’t stories, if you look at humanity and what makes us human, and what makes us shine! you quickly see that this is possible.

The higher the degree of civilization and education the higher number of people that develop virtues and abilities. Is in our mind and soul the secret to a better world!

Why not design the school to develop people and teach them to become virtuous as well? Preparing people for life is the purpose of the school. I saw a movie that explained that people are poor because they lack the mindset to become rich. They spend irrationally and don’t invest in financial growth, they consume only. It’s obvious that if you don’t plan for growth, only for consumption you will be very, very poor.

This is trained mentally. The school must focus to train people mentally. This is civilization. We want peace… and collaboration, but if we stay mentally at the level of medieval ages we will have technology, but we won’t pass through this “Wall”. We will never surpass it! Because we don’t learn and we don’t teach others to change their mentality. If you have a president that have the mentality of dark ages, that he is strong other are weak, you most likely end up in war and in fights. Understand? It’s how people “program” themselves to behave. With people that like collaboration, probably your country will develop trade and strategic partnerships all over the place. I think is much better than dark ages?
We need a different type of mentality and spirit to live well. The soul and the spirit is the key!

Practically a human is the product of the society, of what he learns and lives. We can defeat the “animal” that lies under the human, through education and civilization. You can always bait an “animal” with material gains vs his race, but you won’t bait a human! Mostly because of the virtues and second because he can achieve all that without the need of betrayal.
That’s why the City of Gold, doesn’t know evil… through education and understanding people can achieve much more that they ever think is possible.

I mean a community that has a plan and they work together to achieve that plan, they are unstoppable! How much can you do on your own? But how much can you achieve with 10 friends that share the same passion? I think humanity can “spark” and we can live forever in this Universe, literally, to successfully learn all there is to learn about ourselves, about the Universe. To discover and understand medicine, to live forever through bioengineering – reconditioning our bodies and to become independent from planet Earth. That means that we won’t need to live on a planet, we can live in space. If we do this we will never disappear like the dinosaurs did.

How many people would invest with the real goal in mind to discover how our bodies work? So that I can cure any disease, to recondition a man. The question is real, many people won’t do it, because for them is a story, an unreal one, but people who understand that this is real progress will do it. I mean ask a doctor, a surgeon… the body acts like a machine, a biological one, but still is a machine. If you learn how to repair it, you won’t know any disease.

We need intelligent people who understand what is possible and what is not and invest, educate and make possible that other people grow with this mindset. We are the “products” of a society and of a mentality.

I’d like to tell you about a concept that was first introduces to us by Jesus Christ and that is the genial idea of a “new man”.
The “new man” is actually the peak of our civilization and of our race as humanity, in terms of understanding, in terms of spirit, soul and mentality. We need this in our culture and in our society. This is mindset 1on1. Many people don’t react to this because don’t understand the possibility, but this is civilization.

Poor people are poor because they don’t invest the energy to grow stuff around them. Rich people do that. We blame rich people who are absorbed in material gain.
If we look at this cases we see some “imbalances”. Why not grow as a human, and help others grow as well around you? This is noble man! I mean you grow, the Universe around you grows, you are richer, you enjoy a better life, but in the same time you help others to grow as well, to achieve greatness as well. This is man, that is perfectly balanced… I think this type of man everybody likes, because has the spirit and the mentality. And if you think about it this type of person is an amazing leader.
We can teach our children this. To become amazing people. This is civilization and I think only through culture and education we will accomplish this. There is no other way to do it, no matter how many things you discover in terms of technology or other things. If we don’t work with the mentality of our people, we won’t make it.

The first 2 investments that any government that has some vision about life and this Universe, should invest in 2 things primarily, until they get to this point of civilization: first priority, medicine, the medical system and research, and secondly education and 3rd the culture. After these 3 you allocate resources to other systems of life.
Some people think that military and police is the way to have peace. This is wrong. Only through education and culture you stop violence, abusing and war. You educate the humans to be stronger and better than the “animal”. In time with enough understanding, you won’t need any police and little military. Actually, our race, can develop military projects only for the protection of our race, not for inner fighting.
No amount of police will stop a guy to steal or to harass you if he is pissed, but the culture can teach him to control his emotions and live with you, without the need of any abusing.
Some people have the vision of the Light as it called in the Bible. It’s all about soul, spirit and mentality. I want that all humanity to understand the Light.

The City of Gold is real, I call it “Gold” because it refers to the soul of gold. To a human that has the spirit and mentality of “gold”. I think you can imagine this man, because you are a human, too. BECOME THAT! And help others understand this.
I don’t know if you have ever heard about the Tree of Life? It is the vision of a MAN in this universe, a man without sin (sin is actually a state of a man that didn’t developed himself yet, that had not achieved fulfillment and because of that makes mistakes). It’s complicated to talk about pure-soul, but… here is the start-up to “climb to Heavens”.

The Tree of Life principle develops a man into a “sun” to everything that surrounds him. He will forever touch everything around him with love and passion. Here are the main branches:
- the self branch – you need to develop yourself, to become better and grow; you need to learn more, work more, think more, create more, try to imagine more, try to break the limits and the boundaries, try to break the only prison that ever exists – the prison of the mind (either yours or others – you need to think out of the box), you need to learn to use your “energy” etc., you need to know yourself – both goods and bads and work with your goods and bads - if you understand what happens on this branch – you create and you design yourself – God designs souls, my friend, try to understand how a being of Light is and become one
- the family and friends – you need to take care of your family and friends and help them grow and develop – you need to understand others, their soul, their mind, their needs and wants – you cannot live with them if you don’t respect and accept them, you can’t build alliances with them if it’s “only you” in the story. By the way, “only me” way is the way of the beast, he dispose of the rest
- community – you need to take action in society and help the community, try to have an impact through you life in the world that you live in – if you don’t care you don’t deserve this world(it’s a hard statement, but the ones who take action and fight deserve the world, and in this moment they do! Unfortunately they are the mobsters of our society, the ones who lost to the “beast”. Why? Remember the alpha-male? They fight and they rule. They don’t do partnerships, or if they do alliances, they do it to become even stronger. The principle is different from the ones who build partnerships to live together in peace and harmony, and to enjoy and bring joy to others and themselves. So understand Light-Dark? You can build a team, a church, a family and still live in the dark-side)
- planet – you need to take care of the plants, the animals the ecosystem, you need to grow the life not to harvest it. The abuser lives in the dark, the one who harvest the life, in the dark, the ones who develop, grow (they still live, so you eat, use the resources) but they got the Light.
To explain it even better I saw a man who had a horse and he used that horse, beat it, exploit it, so he can sustain a small farm. That man was a savage with his horse. He lived in the dark. Other man used his horse, but he take care of it, like a man takes care of a dog-pet. He loved it. Took care of it, even if he as well he had to sustain his own “farm”. That man has the Light.
- God – you need to have a relation with God, remember to say “Hi” at least from time to time
You need to remember that God exists. And to try to have a relation with a being that is beyond our perception. If you have a relation, He exists. If you love Him, he will love you as well. Remember that scandal with Jesus and the Sabat? He had a relation with God! That is the principle that matters. The preachers from his time didn’t understand that some rules need to be flexible and easy to live with. He had a relation with God! Understand? How you do this is of your own concern! But remember to have it! You can pray to God every Monday if you want, but remember to have a day dedicated to him, spare some time from your own time to spend with God. Wouldn’t you like that someone makes time to visit you? He likes that as well!

The whole purpose of the tree is to keep a man in balance and warm/hot emotionally with everything that surrounds him. We learn to become better beings! Think about it, if someone only have the self branch he becomes selfish. No one likes selfish people. There are examples … people who torture animals, others love them and take care of them, etc. Other people only care about their families and not about the others from the society, others can die in the street… they are people without compassion. If you follow these principles, and if you understand the love that is behind the Tree of Life you have the Light. You have a wonderful spirit that grows and also gently blossom the life around him. You become a man of the Life! This can be learned in school and in family or in society throughout culture! And this is a must if we want to live in a wonderful world.

I’d like to talk a bit more about how I imagine the education system, the school, how it should look like.
I think the idea is that you need to encourage people to get jobs as volunteer, to use their passion as the engine. So, the system at a simple glance is pupils->school->discover their abilities, personalities, intelligence, character->develop the children and grow them spirituality, mentality and abilities->learn about this Universe->develop a hobby->transform that hobby into a job. The only drive that the human soul can rely on with great power is the power of love or the power of passion. If you love what you are doing you can climb forever the “mountain”. Ok? People won’t love things are unjust, that abuse them, that harvest their souls! Think about different countries who use people as modern slaves. They are harvesting the minds and the bodies of those people. Why? Because of the “Beast”. Do you see where the beast is? Is in us!

Practically at the end of the school a child is prepared for life and can work with passion in community. For example, you can direct pupils in different clubs of learning, like an electronics club, where a kid can learn to make iphones, laptops and robots. At the end of this learning cycle he can go to a factory where he can build all kind of electronics straight from school – because of different clubs that he attended like a mathematics club, physics.

Let’s remember Mozart. He was a fail in school (I mean the traditional school), but he was a genius in music. I believe that school can find the vocation and primarily search for this. Teachers, and I mean the good ones have this trait (they have the “material” for the teacher-trait, I need to tell you something, the teacher train is something that you can learn – mostly we learn by becoming parents, but even the parent trait is something that we learn from others who excel at it), they can make lessons interactive, they can inspire their children and have the passion to do this job successfully. I think in the future school needs to prepare 90% of the teachers based on this trait, the rest of 10% should be people that are close to the initial model, so that they can cover the time for this job. I mean how many pupils a teacher can oversee, without things becoming a hassle. We will always need enough teachers that can cover small classes of pupils so they can have the time and the attention for each of them.

Have you seen the documentaries from History Channel or Discovery Channel, a lesson can become a story that inspire people, and make them learn with passion different aspects of this world. Even math or other areas can become fun to learn, if you have a strategy to teach kids in another way. This will inspire and motivate them to become better.

The key to this world is emotion. We are emotional beings! That’s why I try to design every system around the human being and not the system to shape the human. The human shape the system so that our being benefits the most of it. As you discovered so far, it is said that were your treasure is there your hart is. And in conclusion were your hart is your world is. People can master all of these traits. If your hart is to grow there is no limit on how far we can get.

School must be integrated with psychologists and sociologists and their role is to develop children both mentally and spiritually. To achieve goals, to stay focus, to be strong both mentally and emotionally so that they can overcome obstacles. This is a very strong school that train people to take initiative and develop their own projects.

This school can train people in all kind of aspects, virtues, principles, abilities. Think about it… how far a child can go if I teach him to believe, to persevere against all odds and how to develop a social network.

No matter how poor this kid or his family is… he will go to the very top of this world. Only from 3 virtues! He doesn’t need to know math, music, etc. That’s information that is secondary.

We are what we learn. Why don’t I teach people to work together and collaborate, to play team and make their dreams come true. Team working and overcome inner fights is a skill that we must learn from school. If we don’t do this, we prey on each other on different aspects of life (this has happened across all history, from country invaders to simple thieves and robbers).
A solid culture and education must be established from school. Not every family has clues about parenting or many people don’t have time to be better parents. The causes are multiple, but the lack of love from family can be the difference between a great adult or a “monster”. From the psychological point for view, the lack of love, gives birth to people that lack confidence, jealousy (lack of confidence in itself or others from the emotional point of view), respect. How many times, young people join gangs to earn “respect”.

The emotional aspect of life is absent in our culture, but we are emotional beings. We cannot live without respect, love, dignity, freedom, etc.

Some people didn’t take too serious the Bible, but those who wrote it are genius in terms of human society. Love is indeed the answer for many of our problems. A well-developed adult is more likely to grow with the society, protect it and develop it, instead of abusing it, because is “filled” emotionally.

We need a culture for parenting as well. To be a parent it’s a complicated thing, because the kids will learn from parents. If you have parents that are divorced, you grow with emotional trauma. Why people cannot live together, because they don’t learn to live together and build together a beautiful life. To become balanced emotionally, and become a partner this is a skill that we can learn from either family or school.

I think in our days we need to develop a well-designed system for culture and education that can teach kids to be good parents as well. I mean we can learn about sex in school, but why not about parenting as well? We can learn to be kind and sweet. We must learn to give love to others and respect. This way a lot of our “crimes” and abusing from our society will disappear.
School must prepare people for life and that’s the main purpose, not to teach people how to get a job. You can learn most of it at your work place through a 3-month training. Most jobs are simple. There are I think only 10% of jobs where you need special training and learning – like hart surgeon for example. But the total of jobs are easy.

So, we can create clubs to teach people different jobs and develop the workshops and factories where they can create wealth. I like to call them projects because at some point people will think of them as projects or “dreams”. I mean I like to prepare food for my community and I join a project for this thing with other people. I learn about cooking and I join a place where I make pizza with my recipe. In this culture money or access to resources is not a problem, as the whole community sponsors all projects. The individuals just join them. You got a dream to make a different type of whine, you join a project that makes whine for the community and you get access to a lab and the resources to make it. Then you get access to ways to “publish” this product to see if it has an “audience”.

This way smart people, creative people can use their traits to research, invent and develop new products even if they don’t have the money to do it. Humanity as a whole wins! I saw smart people with incredible recipes and inventions, that don’t have the money or the means to go public. That’s wasted intelligence. I saw smart kid in my town living on the street, because people abandoned him. He was genius! I financed a home for him and a place for him to develop in my society. But this society abandons its people.

We need to teach people that the most important thing on earth is other people and them. We are the people who live on the Earth, we cannot abandon ourselves. We just cannot. Not for money, not for anything.
Instead of having a million in bank, I prefer to build 2-3 houses and pay some kids a future. My whole society will benefit from their help later on, even if their family are poor and stupid.

This is how a human being thinks about his world. This we need to teach in school, we give others a chance to become great. The real power is to empower other people. I think we can teach kids in school to become leaders and great people, even if they have a simple job, like car washer.

We must understand that if we program robots to do our simple work, the rest of the humanity must use their brains to create and design better technology. We need a lot of smart people to build a better world and to survive in this Universe.
If I tell you that your grand-grandchildren can be immortal through medicine means would you believe me? But if you would, would you invest NOW in people to discover how our body works? There are a lot of powerful and rich people in this world, but they lack the vision of a better world. Will you sacrifice your kid knowing that if you invest in medicine now, he will have the chance to be immortal? I think you will not do it, I think you will invest. Maybe you will die, but he won’t!
It’s what we accept and what we perceive that becomes our reality. It’s all in our mindset. I want to change your mindset to see the possibilities, including the birth of the City of Gold here on Earth.

I think in the future we will work and have different types of jobs, and we will spend more time with ourselves and our family. We will have more time for love and to enjoy life, to grow our children and to develop our world. It’s no point and I think is idiotic to have people to work for $1000/month, while you can have a robot to do that job and teach that man to develop a better robot.
I know that we need a better design for the whole society, but this is a better future. If we act now, we can have a super advanced society. And by the way, this is not a dream is REAL. We need people to see the perspectives and invest.
In this world people work for fun and to build stuff, not for the money. This civilization is waay over the simple survival economy. Why not start to build it now. I think that you will agree that if we convince enough people this will become reality in 2-3 generations.

Teaching people how to spend their energy is the key and vital for our world. To work on a job, to teach kids, to help others is an energy investment. But we need to do this. This is how we build this world, and people need morale and mental strength to make this happen. This why people need “training seminars” and other stuff, they need to learn how to become their own powerhouse. I think school need to teach them this, goal achievers, volunteers and people with high initiative. We don’t need people to operate machines like robots or to do simple tasks on a job. I think this is a waste of human potential.

From school we can train our future leaders, starting from small volunteering organizations, to people who know the problems of the community and find ways to solve them. That’s how a future congressman or parliamentary looks like. A guy or a woman involved in the community, that is “street-smart”, knows people, knows the problems, and genuinely fights for their good.
That’s how to form leaders and have a better government. I think the council is the best way to find the solution to a problem. That’s why I think is the best form to lead the people of a country - council with democracy. Also, partnerships and possible federation with other countries.

Nobody, I mean nobody will stay under an empire, under a “sphere of influence”. People are born to be free, sooner or later they will rebel against their oppressors. But with partners, they will strive.
That’s how I see it, and that’s how it works. No way around it. This skill to be a partner is a must to learn from family or school. If you look at things our mistakes come mostly from ignoring the Tree of Life.
I mean I watch countries that are behind and fall in poverty and considered as “markets”, because they fail to invest in a simple technology that they can perfected and export it predominantly. This can open the way to commerce in all regions of the world. Everybody can have comfort and have partnerships mutually convenient.

The actual financial system is crazy, because people are dragged into an insane fight over profit, instead to invest in better technology and development of what is already invented. I hope things will change and more and more people can develop their own similar technology or even perfect it. As a whole race, we will have a “peak” in what we can do.
What will happen then?

I’d prefer that people will learn and understand the ways of the soul and of an amazing spirit of growth that helps other grow as well.

People can flourish and their world can flourish as well. This is the spirit that we must learn from the very best of us and transfer it across millennia.

Practically in the City of Gold people have the spirit, the mentality and the ways to life and prosper forever on our planet or in this Universe.

If you have access to medical, bio-engineering, energy and robotics technology you can cover ALL material needs of an entire nation. But most important if you have the spirit and the soul that you can transfer to other people you have Heaven!
I think people can learn about the Light as the vision of Life and then we can never fail!
Another aspect when you develop this culture and we need to develop this culture of love, of care, of growth is that it will envelop everything.

Do you watch TV? Do you see that everything is a bit chaotic, driven by the need to attract and keep the attention of the people to that show, by any means necessary? Is like a vacuum of the people minds and spirit.
What will happen when we invest in people of culture? In artists, in writers, in comedians, in scientist that can work to create TV –shows? People that value things “of substance” in our lives? We will get better education through mass-media, and better ideas that can help in our every lives! We need to remember the ones that are “awake” that mass-media educates people. So if you make shows around sexual arousal of the people and around violence, bombs, explosions you will have people who will take these seriously. And we will have a very sexual and violence oriented society. Would you want that? That’s a society where the “beast” has won!

There is no glory in war, ask any soldier who had to kill another man. There is no glory in that, only sorrow. We can work together to create any system and create partnerships on every aspect of our lives so that we have peace and joy.
Wouldn’t you want smart people to create documentaries, fun facts, fun jokes, fun movies that can lift our spirit high? I want to tell you 2 truths that act as a sword and is the sad truth:

- People believe what they want to believe – so everything that I teach them acts as a compass in everything, including religion as well, so we need to educate people to understand the right from evil so they will become strong beings capable of doing right decisions
- Reality is only in our minds – we shape our reality on what we think is possible or not – IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING – when God created us, has given precious gifts, the gift of creation, the gift of believing, the gift of imagination etc. Many, many strong gifts. People aren’t “awake” to understand when they got from God! I tell you, if you know how to build a car, could you make one? The answer, if you are a normal person is yes. If you don’t know what a car is how can you tell yes? If I tell you, you can create your own world, would your answer be yes? Because you can. If you want to be Eden as a being, you will be Eden as a being. Remember this phrase from Bible, from Jesus: “My Father hart has many chambers.” Try to earn yours. And you do that by fighting with the “beast” and the evil, by taking the right decisions and by understanding the Light! God has created us so we can win this fight and live in Eden, forever! Ok? We need to understand that we can. Now we are in the dark, you see people’s mind and spirit pulled in all kind of stuff. The “apple” is just this. This is the fight that everyone fights. Some lost, others won. If you don’t fight you 100% lose- the “Beast” win in your world. You have to fight!
- Drugs – we are driven by either pleasure or pain – try to fight with an awake mind, that doesn’t care of pain or pleasure that much, but of the right decisions (and to take those you need to know what’s going on around you, of what you learned, of what you have to unlearn, of what you need to treasure, etc.) Our brain produce a sort of drug that influence our life. That’s how we determine that we are happy or not, or we enjoy something or not. Drug abuse right now has become even higher. Drugs, sex, profits, etc. We need to learn how to fight this, because this is “darkness” in us. Darkness means that if you won’t control it, it will control you! Darkness means abuse. This is abuse, because it is “weakness”. You silently accept it, because it feels good, but in the end it will destroy you.

Drugs are strong and can be substances, but also people, stuff, material stuff like money, the gains produce you pleasure so you’ll end up wanting more of it. Actually you don’t want the money, but you want the pleasure of keep having “gains”. That’s your drug, your darkness. This is very hard to see for most people, because they enjoy it.
Same with sex. We got these substances, that are in our body that stimulate us. The awake the “beast”. I don’t have problem with people having sex, but I do have problem with the fact that they lose control over it. They seek sex all over the place. They are in chaos! See? They lost to the darkness. Why you don’t settle for a stable partner? Preferably your wife or husband? And I didn’t entered in the mind of the fantasy.

The mind of the fantasy is a dangerous place. I have a powerful example to make you understand. Did you had so far a sexual dream? Every man or woman had one. Is impossible not to have one by the way. But what I want to say is that the dream is stronger that the reality. For people who had sex, they can observe this that a sexual fantasy has more “juice” than the actual material intercourse. It’s true that the G spot both for women and for men is the mind. If you can put a fantasy over really, the sex is awesome. But that’s the mind of the fantasy. It’s drugs as well, and if you understand what’s going on it won’t suck you in. That means the dreams and other stuff. That’s why people have so many stuff going on and are hard to satisfy.
You actually try to satisfy their minds to be happy with their lives. How Eden is? A place of joy. A drug addict found that or found death?

To understand this invisible enemy, and I tell you very, very seriously is to have balance. You drink one cup of wine, but you don’t develop the addiction. Ok? You are awake. Is written that everything is out there, but not everything is good or it has value, some is poison and some is sweet death-poison.

Same with other stuff. You taste, but you don’t follow through. We take as much as it is good for us, but that’s where we stop. We don’t venture beyond that. Beyond that is the “hole”, the “hell”, there is Death. And is real, death there. A drug addict dies before he can have a chance to understands that he died, unless he has strong friends to help him out. If you don’t win over nature, nature kills you! That’s how it goes. The New-Man is over the nature. He is the master of the house! Remember this.
That’s why we need to help others. But we don’t know what is the enemy. Know you know. See those young ladies, wanting an easy life, beautiful life, but becoming “gold-diggers” or social-prostitutes. That’s when you go “weak” and lose to this world, to material, their soul died, they are now puppets.

That’s why I designed the City of Gold. I try to help my race to overcome the fight with the material, with the survival game. I don’t want people to become sexual-puppets so they can eat. Or do other stuff so they are happy. I try to help them be happy and healthy and in a way that they have their dignity and their being preserved, loved and cherished. And that the humanity is the real master of the house! The humans are the masters, not the “beast”. Ok? We need to awake everybody to this Truth.
We need to win over nature, and the last fight, our nature! We can win this by will, discipline, culture, and education. We need models of people that will inspire, we need stories, we need many things to keep this “spirit” alive. Just like they did with the rock and roll, when it first appeared, it was a manifest of a spirit through music. Jesus said that religion is alive! We keep this alive through our lives. We LIVE and we keep the “soul of gold” alive, eternally!

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